Teskt helps teams spot tag resolve tasks on web project faster!

Create a task exactly where the change is needed on your website across multiple pages and screen resolutions.

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Create a project in less than a min.

Teskt is Non-tech and easy to use web app. We made it simple so any one could use it.

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Manage Multiple Projects From one dashboard.

All your projects on one single dashboard, wether you created it or you are invited manage everything from your dashboard.

Project Management software

Create task's with a click

Are you taking screenshots of your website to create task ? Well stop just right click where the change is needed and add comments to create taks, issues or tickets for your team. Add comments to create user guides and requirement analysis documents for your clients.

Add Multiple Pages.

Create custom navigation and user flows using the Add page option. Add as many pages as you want and add comments for those pages.

Multiple Screen Sizes

Test your website across multipe screen size, we have added 5 custom screen sizes most used in the industry, use them or add custom size as needed. create unique comments for each screen size.

Teskt with your team.

We know task management apps are fun with friends so is Teskt, create team for your projects with friends who already use Teskt or invite them.

Integrate with your favourite apps

use Teskt with Jira use Teskt with Jira use Teskt with Jira

coming soon...

Project Management software

Awesome discussions start on Teskt!

Add feedbacks and comments with visual context. No more screenshot artwork! Create the list of changes with locations for better collaborations, efficient commnunications and get more done with your teams.

Teskt gives your team the freedom to tell you what they want!

Project Management software

How Teskt can help you ?

At its core Teskt is made for web project management and communication.

Easy Task management software

Super Easy & Non Tech

Wether you are a Dev, Project Manager or a client you can use Teskt without any Technical knowledge.

Website testing and collaboration

Collaborate better

Teskt let's you create team's and assign task which makes it supereasy to track who is responsible for what.

Task management app with status tracking

Track Tasks

We brought locations to your Task's so they never get lost again. Easily assign task to your team and track its status. Everything in realtime.

Online task and issue management software

Create Agreements

Don't forget what you agreeded upon. Add comment when you discuss a change. Export comments to your agreements.

create user manual with tasks

Create User Doc's

Add your website/ software url to Teskt. Add comments to create user guides. Share link with your users. No more Screenshots needed.

cross-device testing

Multi Screen Size testing

Test how your website looks on different devices and screens. Add custom screen size as require, without any Technical knowledge.

We are the super team!

Having spent more than 7 years in the Web Development and IT space we understand the importance of good collaboration. We know the pain that comes along with it, the never ending loops of feedback taking screenshots and adding them to different apps.

So we decided to build Teskt to take a little load off your shoulders, project managers can now focus on collaborating with the clients and clients can easily mark their changes without anyone telling them it's "Technical". All this while Designers & Developers sitback and do the magic.

We have planned a lot of interesting features for Teskt in the future. Most of it depends on how much love we get. So if you like the product and would like to see us producing more features do spread the word about Teskt. We believe we will only be as good as our users make us.

We would love to hear your feedback and what problem did Teskt solve for you. Also if your are interested in contributing to the project or you would like to sponsor us feel free to reach out on team@teskt.com

Teskt Team